If you haven’t already, please register (two step process, paypal/check then fill out the form with your boat details).  http://www.donnaross.org/registration

1. Rick Lucarelli    Donna Sue
2. Dari Esfahani    Speedster
3. Dave Mallard    Once In A Blue Moon
4. David Christensen    No Filter
5. Stephan Schrenkeisen    The Rock
6. Chris Nelms    Silver Wings
7. Charles Mueller    Sea-Ya
8. Brian Bradshaw    Catalyst
9. Marshall McKenzie    S-CAPE
10. Bryan Taylor    Rented Mule
11. Christopher Gradisar    Laree
12. Mike Jones    Wings
13. Ron Surley    My Girl
14. Dave Hodges    Messing About
15. David Carter   Geronimo
16. Bob Barnes   Clair de Lune
17. Charles Jones  Nauti
18. Tom Bieger  Reflection
19. Dan Malak Orion
20. Mandy Burnett Swale
21. Craig Langford Ol’ Blew

With more to come!  See you on the lake THIS Saturday!  Don’t forget the pre-party on Thursday at 7pm at the Bridge Bistro